Thursday, February 28, 2013

Using the Document Camera in Science

Question:  What are the two substances that make the study of matter in third grade a lot of fun? 
Answer:  vinegar and baking soda
Mrs. Jordan's class has been learning about physical and chemical changes while they have been studying the topic of matter.  Today we did an experiment together. 
Is air heavier than carbon dioxide?
Make a prediction.  The tally of predictions was pretty even before we started this lab.
We used the scientific method as we conducted this experiment.  The students brought their notebooks and I created a Task Card to include the vocabulary, materials and procedure.  There was a great discussion as we began this lab.  Using the document camera is a great way for all students to witness a whole class experiment.  We also used the iPad as a document camera by using the camera and projecting the students' work via aiplay on the smartboard.

Click below to see a video demonstration of this experiment. 


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