Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Reading

Fifth and Sixth Grade Summer Blog
During the summer, Kidblog will be kept active.
Students should log on to their new Fifth or Sixth Grade Class.

If you forgot your password please email Mrs. Klipfel.
We are so excited to be sharing your reading and writing.
Please write a detailed summary of a book you read this summer, but be sure not to give the ending away. Make the reader of your blog want to read this book.
Title your post with the Type of Book Read+The Title
ex: 2013 Newbery Medal Winner: The One and Only Ivan
Your post needs to be self-edited and will be submitted for review when completed. Remember that if you have too many errors, your post will not be published.
In order to make this a fun summer experience we will be having a raffle in the fall. 
For all posted entries you will receive points.
*For every 50 points you earn, you will be given a raffle ticket in September.
Use this link for a list of Newbery Award Books.
Points For Posted Summaries
Newbery Award Winner 100 points    
Newbery Honor 75 points
National Book Award 50 points
Free Choice 25 points
Your blog may also continue your writing by posting original stories and poems.
You may include a Summer Destination writing piece by describing a place to visit.
All comments on the blog should be written in a friendly letter format and be sure not to reveal any personal information.
Have a fun summer!
Blogs can be found on Mrs. Klipfel’s Blog
email Mrs. Klipfel with any questions

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Technology Ideas from Mrs. Klipfel
On your iPads download the free apps: educreations, Hungry Fish, math flash cards, Stack the States, Tap Map Quiz, popwords.
Paid apps: Book Creator, Scribble Press, Drawing Pad, Splash Math,
iMovie, and Strip Designer  (I'm trying these this summer)
Over the summer if you find a great website, discover a great app, or create a new project send me a picture and/or a short note and I will add it to my blog.
Here are some ideas for Summer Fun:
On Mrs. Klipfel's Blog you will find sections on the Student Resources page which includes links to grade level portals designed with sites for all grades and subjects.
Check out the Student Blogs section where Proctor students share their writing and reading. They would love some thoughtful comments.  If you are a Proctor School student and need help or forget your password send me an email.
Each week We Give Books will feature 3 books from their online library, along with fun activities to make each book come to life.
Scholastic has a summer reading challenge to see How Far Can You Read?
National Geographic has free nonfiction books on line for children.
Don't forget to visit the Topsfield Public Library for some great summer programs.
Check out Boston Central for ideas of things to do.

Enjoy the Summer!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

United States

Fourth Graders have worked all year on learning the regions of the United States.  These students even produced a "Fifty States Pagent" for their parents which included sashes, hats, and flags made in our CLIC program.
The final project was to create a state report.  Some classes used publisher and produced a trifold brochure from the prospective of the governor of the state.  They were the governor.

Ms Scott helping edit a brochure

Other classes used publisher and created a multi page report. 

Miss Mehlin's class used the app Scribble Press and created digital books.  Click on the links below to read these fabulous nonfiction books.

add text and pictures
tools in scribble press 

pages in book

Alabama by Jack
Arizona by Uma
Arkansas by Whitney
Connecticut by Matthew
Delaware by AJ
Hawaii by Myles
Kansas by Emily
Kentucky by Kate
Louisiana by Lexi
Maryland by Michael
Minnesota by Jennifer
Montana by Ben
New York by Grace
North Dakota by Ella
Ohio by Cooper
Washington by Gage
West Virgina by Robyn


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Legs

Summer is almost here and that makes you think of all kinds of summer fun.
Summer Legs by Anita Hakkinen is a fun book that makes your legs feel like they are ready to dangle, swim, jump, kick, skip, sprint, and swing.

Mrs. O'Brien's Class drew pictures of what their Summer Legs were hoping to do and then put the pictures into educreations to share their summer wishes.

What will your Summer Legs do? 
Where will your Summer Legs take you?
Have a wonderful summer!

Click on the link to find out where these Summer Legs hope to go.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Welcome to Grade 4

Welcome to Proctor School!
Grade 4 students in Mrs. Kelleher's Class have been working on a Welcome Message to Students in Grade 3 as they get ready to come to Proctor School next year.
This group volunteered to meet before school to plan and work on their project.  The students discussed what information should be included and how they were going to show it.  The iPads were used to take pictures around Proctor School which were included in their slides.

The plan is to show the Third Graders this project on Friday when they come to visit Proctor School.  We can't wait for them to come for a visit.
Group of hard working fourth graders!
The final presentation was created in educreations.
Click on the link to view their completed project.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Letter From the Revolutionary War

"There! His Majesty can now read my name without glasses. And he can double the reward on my head!" -- John Hancock after signing his name in large letters on the Declaration of Independence
"The distinctions between Virginians, Pennsylvanians, New Yorkers, and New Englanders are no more. I Am Not A Virginian, But An American!" -- Patrick Henry in 1774 after the Boston Tea Party.

“I have not yet begun to fight.”   John Paul Jones
It has been a very exciting time in Fifth Grade this month.  The students are studying the Revolutionary War.  Some are doing a web quest, others are researching battles, and some are writing letters from a Partiot or Loyalist point of view.  The portal includes many resources for research.
Mrs. Ellis's Class used Kidblog to write a letter to King George III.  Click on the link and spend some time reading these well thought out letters.  They would love a comment.

Mrs. Boucher's Class read these letters and are writing a response to the author of the letter.  They were responsible for adding new information.  Check out their letters.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rocks and Minerals

Fourth Graders in Ms Scott's class have been studying rocks and minerals.  They worked cooperatively in groups to do their research and then they used educreations to share their new knowledge.
Do you know the harderst mineral?
Do you know the softest mineral?
Click on the links below to see their projects.
Jessica, Olivia, Hannah, and Greg 
Alex, James, and Tucker
Jackie, Jack, Mikaela
Julia, Sarah, and Keo
Isabel, Alexa, and Abby
Nick, Charlie, Sarah, and Jessica
Caroline, Max, and Kate

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's A Mystery!

I love a good mystery! 
It is fun trying to figure out the clues and the answer to
Who Did It?
Mrs. Boucher's Fifth Graders are creating their own mystery stories. 
To set the stage Mrs. Boucher and I created a crime scene using Mrs. O'Leary's office.  We laid out all the evidence and took a series of pictures.  We asked the students to list the possible suspects and give the reasons why.  The students were excellent detectives as they sorted through all the evidence we presented.
Crime scene in Mrs. O'Leary's office
The students then worked with a partner and set up their own "crime scene" with many items brought from home.  They used the app Skitch to take pictures of the evidence.  This app lets you write and add annotations to your photos for later review.  Pictures are easily saved to the camera roll.
Here are the crime scenes created by the students. 

Mrs. Boucher's classsroom
Mrs. Klipfel's office

Ms N's classroom

Stay tuned for the books that are being created in the app Book Creator.
Be sure to check out  Mrs. Boucher's Blog to read a short detailed summary of these well written mysteries.