Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

This week in our blogging class we introduced the website Padlet to the teachers in our class.  This website resembles a bulletin board  but it is hung on the internet wall. It is an easy and engaging way to gather and share knowledge. 

Mrs. Gibbas created a padlet for her students to answer the question... What are you thankful for?  Visit her padlet and be sure to leave a note.

Miss Reid and Mr. Kilham also used padlet and asked the question, What do you know about maps? Click on their name above and visit their class padlet.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Grade 4 Teddy Bears

The Grade 4 students sent their teddy bears off on their journey discovering all parts of the United States and maybe even beyond. 
You can follow their adventures by checking out the Proctor Fourth Grade Teddy Bear Blog.

Teddy Bears are comfortable and tucked into their new homes waiting for the US Postal truck to arrive.

Using google sheets students will be tracking the bears' destinations.
 Click on the graph below to see their data.

New this year~ Introducing
 Techie Bear

Techie Bear even has his own blog. He wants to see outside your front door. Click on his picture above for directions on how to submit your own front door picture.

The form below is a new digital way for the grade 4 students to discover the USA. Use the scroll bar on the right to see the entire form. Thank you for your time.
Click HERE for the direct link to this form.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Personal Narrative with a Halloween Treat

Mrs. Madden's class took a twist to their personal narrative writing. 
Students wrote stories about Halloween and then added their own creative touches.

After creating illustrations for the beginning, middle, and end of the story, students used the iPad to take pictures.
Mrs. Madden helped students edit and record their story in the app Book Creator.
Click on the personal narrative tales below. Be prepared to be entertained.
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Friday, November 20, 2015

Steward School New Media Center

Over the summer the Steward School Library had a makeover. A lot of helpers (mostly Mrs. DeFrank, the librarian) moved all those books and shelves out of the library. There were boxes everywhere. Have you ever thought about how many books are in a library?

New Carpet was put in place and bookshelves were rearranged.
We even ended up with this lovely little corner.

Using a few of the extra lunchroom tables we created a new Media Center.
Can you spot the new laptop cart in the back?

Mrs. McCarthy's Second Graders came in to try out this new inviting space.

We talked about our next steps.  

Maybe some new curtains and plants would look nice in here.
Do you have any suggestions to help make this space even cozier?

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mrs. Ford's Friends Share Their Personal Narratives

Second Graders in Mrs. Ford's class have been working on writing personal narratives. Students brainstormed how to narrow their ideas down just like the "seed of a watermelon".

Mrs. Ford helps students edit their stories.
After creating a hard copy of their colorful illustrations, students used the iPad to take a picture of their picture. We even learned how to edit the photos.

Using the app Book Creator the final recording was completed.
Here are the digital versions of these hard working students' personal narratives.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Bar Models

Part II of Grade 4 Math Videos
Mrs. Steinberg once again held an informational meeting for parents to explain bar modeling and how to help at home.

Watch the video below and draw the bars along with Mrs. Steinberg.

Here is another video to help explain how to solve problems using bar modeling.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Test Drive With Google Drive

Students in Mrs. Boucher's grade 5 class took a Test Drive with some of the features in google drive. First they logged into their google for education account and found the view only document in their Shared With Me Folder. They Made a Copy and then were able to edit the document as their own. We even made colored folders to help find documents even easier.
Proctor School will host an Open House soon and this document will be turned into a QR Code for visitors so they may learn more about us.
Happy Knowvember!

Scan this QR code to Know More about me!

Tech Tip:
There is a google extension that creates a QR code directly in google.

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Animal Adaptations with a Digital Twist

Grade 4 students in Mrs. Lampe's class have been engrossed in the study of animal adaptations. Students took this knowledge and created an animal of their own, incorporating adaptations into this new species. After filling in a graphic organizer, students used the app ExplainEverything to bring this new animal to life.

Click on the projects below to learn more about these new creatures.

Tech Tip:
Students saved their projects in their google for education account and then shared the document with their teachers.
Google docs then gives the user a code to embed the projects on their blog.

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