Thursday, January 29, 2015

Three States of Matter Song

Mrs. Jordan's class prepared a song while learning about the Three States of Matter.
Click on the picture below to seem them in action.  Sing along with them.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happy New Year

Mrs. Hancock's First Grade Class Wishes everyone a Happy New Year.  
They would love to share their New Year's Resolutions with you.

Click on the picture above to watch their video resolutions.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

How to Create Simple Machines

Creating things using recycled items is a favorite activity of many people.  When seeing empty boxes and long cardboard tubes do you picture the many possibilities?

Ms Scott's class was given the challenge of creating a simple machine using the resources found in the CLIC lab. As the process was happening, Ms Scott recorded the steps using her iPad camera. Students then described what was happening on Ms Scott iPhone. After emailing this, she then printed out a word document.  This became the script for the final video project.

Students' scripts were highlighted for easy reading into the iPad.
What simple machines do you see?

Let's practice before we record.

Click on the simple machine above to watch the video of the How To Process.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Using Air Server in an Interactive Classroom

Mrs. Burke's students had a fun, new experience.  They were all the teacher!

The iPad cart came to math class.  Using the app educreations, students solved their math problems in their Math in Focus lesson. 

Educreations acts similar to a white board allowing the user to draw, write, erase, and create.  As the problem was given, students were busy solving their problem in multiple ways.  Students illustrated the equation and then they were ready to share the solution with the class.

Air server is an app downloaded to the teacher's laptop which then wirelessly mirrors the iPad through the laptop on to the smartboard.   This allows the teacher to monitor what is happening in the classroom as she walks around the room.  This is the point where students become teachers.  As students mirror their screen on to the smartboard, they can explain their work.  Students eagerly taught their peers how to solve the problem.  Students were also challenged to solve the problem in multiple ways.  this is a powerful experience as students master new skills.
"Who would like to share?"
" I can draw a picture to solve the problem."

Turning on Air Server.  Now I am the teacher!

How many screens can you share at once? The whole class!

Tech Help:

On your iPad the AirPlay feature is located at the bottom of your screen.  It is hidden until you pull up the AirPlay tab.  
Then find the room you want to display it in and turn mirroring ON.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Proctor Planet Protectors

Proctor School will begin composting food waste from the cafeteria on Friday, January 16. Mrs. Bhuju and Green Topsfield have been awarded a grant to bring this amazing program to our school.

About GREEN Topsfield:
GREEN Topsfield is a network of families, youth, educators, administrators, and other supporters, working as a community to:
- develop school gardens and plantings
- facilitate youth environmental club activity
- provide environmental sustainability education & enrichment support
- revitalize efforts to reduce waste and conserve resources in schools.

During the month of December the PPP Club conducted a waste audit of Proctor School. They worked with classrooms collecting and analyzing one day's worth of trash.
They then decided to create an original video to demonstrate their mission.

Ready to film the closing clip for their instructional video.

Proud Planet Protectors Video Directors
Click on the picture above to see their final project.

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