Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Favorite Recipes

Mrs. Elli's fifth grade students would like to share their favorite recipes. Be prepared to be hungry after looking at their recipe book. Bon Appetit!

Click on the image below for the ebook version of their recipe book which is accessible on an iPad in either book creator or ibooks.
Click on the image below for the video version. Listen to students introduce their recipe.
Scroll through the images below for the PDF version.
Tech Tip:
When opening the digital book on your device you will get this message

Choose either Open in iBooks or Book Creator. 

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Travel Through a Nonfiction Book

.Mrs. Corliss' third grade has been exploring nonfiction text features and the ways they help readers comprehend text.
This project began as a google doc where students wrote their original scripts. One of the features that helped prepare them was including the picture in the document that was going to be their background in a greenscreen video. We also added a face to the image in google drawings so students could visualize their gestures as they rehearsed their lines.
Jump into a nonfiction book with Mrs. Corliss' third grade class.
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Monday, April 11, 2016

Postcards From the Southwest

I love postcards!
Over the years I have collected postcards from family, friends, and students. I have quite a collection. They help me dream of places near and far. Places I have traveled to and those I some day hope to visit.
Earlier this year the fourth grades sent a teddy bear on a journey around the USA. Each classroom has a large collection on postcards hanging on a board. When I am in these rooms I often pause and look at all the places I have been.
Mrs. Lampe's Collection of postcards
My fascination with postcards and the study of the southwest region was a perfect match and led Mrs. Lampe's class to a Postcard Project.
Click on the pictures below to enjoy these "Live" Postcards.
Tech Tip:
Practice, Practice, Practice is the key to a successful project.
We used the camera on the iPad to film each clip in front of the green screen.
Then using the app Green Screen by Doink we created each clip with the appropriate background and saved these to the camera roll.
Using the app explain everything we compiled each video on the state page.
Using google drive for our storage gives us get the embed code for this blog.
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Monday, April 4, 2016

The Chromebooks Have Arrived!

Words cannot express the deep level of gratitude to TEF (Topsfield Educational Foundation) for their recent grant approval of 25 chromebooks plus a cart for storage to the students at Proctor School.

As Proctor School teachers and students are becoming familiar with all things google, the demand for devices that allows them to work in the cloud has increased more and more each week. This new set of 25 chromebooks will get a lot of use at Proctor School by our student 21st century experts.

Thank You TEF!

Mrs. Murphy's class helps unveil the new cart of chromebooks.

Tech Tips~
Some of the benefits of working with Google chromebook:
Log in to your account is very quick, 8 seconds to boot up.
Long battery life, 13 hours~ all day!
The chromebook is light and easy to transport.
Students can work collaboratively anywhere which improves the writing process.
Amazing Presentations can be made on any topic, anywhere.
Research can occur right within the document.

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