Monday, March 25, 2019

March Madness Technology Style

March Madness is happening everywhere!
Take a peek at a few of the Magical Projects students have created this March:

Grade K
Filmed in class and added to a green screen background

Grade 1
Google Slide template used

Grade 2
Google Slides Template 

Green Screen + iMovie

Grade 3
Green Screen+ iMovie

Grade 4
Green Screen with Background Image created in CLIC

Google Tour Builder

Grade 5
Project done in Google Slides with partners from Italy

Project done with the app explaineverything

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Super Powers

First Grade students have been hard at work on their writing skills.

Using the OREO writing process Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Kuhn asked their class to write a letter to Captain Marvelous (that's Me) to apply to join the SuperHeroes Team.

We then pulled out the big green screen and using the app DoInk, students shared their superpower. We had a little fun with the flying and under the sea superpowers.

Click on the video below to reveal the newest members of the team's Super Powers.

What superpower would you have?

Sunday, February 3, 2019

World Read Aloud 2019

Steward School students participated in World Read Aloud Day

Author Lauren Magaziner visited our third-grade students via Skype on January 31st! Lauren read from her newest book Case Closed: Mystery in the Mansion and students had the opportunity to ask her questions about the writing and revision process, being an author, and more. Students ended the Skype session feeling more inspired to read and write!

On Friday, February 1 as part of World Read Aloud Day, the first grade enjoyed a Skype visit with children’s book author Sue Fliess! Sue is the author of over 25 books for children. She read her new book to us  NINJA CAMP and talked to us about being an author. We got to ask her questions too! The kids really enjoyed the visit and we hope to have more interactions like that in the future. Talk about the author visit with your child—it’s a great way to encourage reading and writing in the classroom and at home.  If you’d like to read more about Sue and see her other books, please visit

 Kindergarten students all brought in their Loveys and shared them with author Betsy Devany. She read her book Lucy's Lovey to the students and shared her loveys as well. The students were enthralled with her collection and the names she gave her characters. They especially enjoyed meeting Norman, a giant gorilla. 

Friday ended with a skype visit for second graders with author of the Ballpark Mysteries series, David Kelly. He shared his writing process and his love of baseball and baseball parks.
David also shared the Mystery of the Morse Code hidden on the Green Monster. Look closely at the dots and dashes. The initials of Tom Yawkey and Jean Yawkey appear vertically on the white stripes that separate the columns of the American League scores.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

BreakOut Game for Growth Mindset


Fourth and fifth-grade classes recently experienced BreakoutEDU with their classmates.  In two teams the challenge was to use clues, critical thinking, common sense and collaboration to solve puzzles and open a variety of locks on the BreakoutEDU boxes.  
The theme for this edition was "growth mindset" and this competition against the clock had both teams put all their skills to work!

Do you think you could BREAKOUT?
Give it a try. Here is one of the clues that will open a 3 digit lock.

Read below this post to discover the correct answer.

Click below to see the introductory video that set the stage.

How did you do?

Breakout Answer:

If you scanned the QR code you would have watched a video titled The Power of Yet
The answer to the riddle is YET.
The Count tells you that he loves the alphabet.
When you look at the alphabet letters  Y E T and find the values for each letter you will discover the three number code.

Answer 035

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Becoming a Digital Citizen

The month of January is filled with promises for growth and change and in many classes, students are writing thoughtful resolutions for 2019.

One way families can grow together is to have conversations about digital safety.

Click on the presentation below to learn more about Becoming a Responsible Digital Citizen.
As you watch this presentation with your child pause and discuss the ways it applies to your family.

Start a conversation at home.
Use these guiding questions as a starting point.
Click HERE to print this document.
During library classes, students are also talking about digital safety. 
Click below to see the Proctor School contract students are signing.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Topsfield students had a great time coding this month. lets~

Anyone, anywhere code with an Hour of Code. 
One-hour tutorials in over 45 languages. 
No experience needed.
Ages 4 to 104.
We called it Hours of Code.
Students explored many sites during Library classes and in their Classrooms.

Teachers and guests problem solved right along side of students.

Try some coding for yourself.
Remember to use problem-solving strategies to help.
Here are a few activities to explore.

Hour of Code K-2

Hours of Code 3+

Click below for a Recap of Students' Creativity, innovation, and coding skills.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October Happenings

October was filled with digital fun!

Kindergarten students listened to the story Go Away Big Green Monster and then created their own Big Green Monster. Using the app ChatterPix we brought these monsters to life.
Listen to these Little Monsters talk!

Grade 2 explored Google Slides.
Students added their own description of their Halloween Costume. They even found clip art to add to their slide.
Click below for their adjective filled writing.

Grade 3 students also explored Google Slides. Working collaboratively all the students added their name to a slide in live time. They had fun watching multiple names appear.
Click through Would You Rather? Where would you add your name?

Build a Jack O Lantern
This Google Slides introduced students to copy and paste to create their design. They then added a descriptive paragraph about their new friend.