Wednesday, October 30, 2019


I had the pleasure and privilege of attending MASSCUE again this year.
And this year Miss Klipfel and I presented as well!

The 2 days were filled with tech everywhere you went. I attended some amazing sessions from other teachers and tech specialists.

The keynote speaker, Tara Martin inspired the audience with her compassion and commitment to making education relevant.

There were a few authors there presenting as well that we had the pleasure of connecting with.

Josh Funk reading his book How to Code a Sandcastle

Meeting Victoria Coe author of Fenway and Hattie
 So many vendors, so much to learn!

Our presentation was on ways to create and integrate choice boards into the curriculum. This was a very enjoyable experience and we certainly made many new connections.

Here is a copy of our presentation.

One way that I was able to share all this new knowledge and experience was to host Tech or Treat at both schools. Teachers dropped by for a treat and we were able to talk tech.

Friday, September 27, 2019

3D Augmented Reality

We used the Quiver Apps and let 3D augmented reality take our coloring to the next level. 
Dot Day is celebrated each September 15ish based on a book, The Dot by Peter Reynolds.
Students at Steward School created their mark and we brought these individual dots to life using the app quivervision.

Students in fourth grade are studying earth landforms and features. They discussed volcanoes and using Quiver these volcanoes became 3D. This app also provides a Quiz section while exploring the makeup of the volcano.  

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Talking People

This is what happens when a Bulletin Board speaks to you.

You grab the iPad and take pictures.
Then, of course, these lovely bobbleheads are placed in the app chatterpix.
Students shared their goals and likes for the new school year.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to School 2019-2020!
Life has been busy for teachers and students.
Here are a few moments I captured as we all settle into our new routines.

Look at this cozy new reading area in the Steward Library.

Teachers are introducing Google Classroom to students. 
Mrs. Gibbas has her first assignment posted.

 Summer Exploration Boards were reviewed during Library classes the first week.

Mrs. Kelleher has her class working on a collaborative document to get to know one another.
Getting to Know 4K

Students in Mrs. Ragan's second-grade class learn the shortcut to sign out of their Google accounts.
Control + Shift + Q+Q

Students in Ms corliss' grade 3 are working on a paragraph about themselves in Google Docs.

Wishing everyone a successful and inspiring year!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

April Shower of Technology

April was a busy month for technology integration.
Here is a sampling of the creativity students were engaged in.

Grade K 
Filmed in front of Green Screen and added to iMovie

Grade 1
Posted in Google Classroom; added a blank notebook template for an original story creation

Grade 2
FlipGrid makes it easy to copy the QR code for individual recordings 

Grade 3
Students created in Google Docs with collaborative groups

Grade 4
Students used the Green Screen and Google Slides for sharing and reflection

Grade 5
Students constructed the artifacts in small groups and used the app expaineverything to record the information.
QR codes were added to the visual hallway display.

Monday, March 25, 2019

March Madness Technology Style

March Madness is happening everywhere!
Take a peek at a few of the Magical Projects students have created this March:

Grade K
Filmed in class and added to a green screen background

Grade 1
Google Slide template used

Grade 2
Google Slides Template 

Green Screen + iMovie

Grade 3
Green Screen+ iMovie

Grade 4
Green Screen with Background Image created in CLIC

Google Tour Builder

Grade 5
Project done in Google Slides with partners from Italy

Project done with the app explaineverything

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Super Powers

First Grade students have been hard at work on their writing skills.

Using the OREO writing process Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Kuhn asked their class to write a letter to Captain Marvelous (that's Me) to apply to join the SuperHeroes Team.

We then pulled out the big green screen and using the app DoInk, students shared their superpower. We had a little fun with the flying and under the sea superpowers.

Click on the video below to reveal the newest members of the team's Super Powers.

What superpower would you have?