Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Becoming a Digital Citizen

The month of January is filled with promises for growth and change and in many classes, students are writing thoughtful resolutions for 2019.

One way families can grow together is to have conversations about digital safety.

Click on the presentation below to learn more about Becoming a Responsible Digital Citizen.
As you watch this presentation with your child pause and discuss the ways it applies to your family.

Start a conversation at home.
Use these guiding questions as a starting point.
Click HERE to print this document.
During library classes, students are also talking about digital safety. 
Click below to see the Proctor School contract students are signing.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Topsfield students had a great time coding this month. lets~

Anyone, anywhere code with an Hour of Code. 
One-hour tutorials in over 45 languages. 
No experience needed.
Ages 4 to 104.
We called it Hours of Code.
Students explored many sites during Library classes and in their Classrooms.

Teachers and guests problem solved right along side of students.

Try some coding for yourself.
Remember to use problem-solving strategies to help.
Here are a few activities to explore.

Hour of Code K-2

Hours of Code 3+

Click below for a Recap of Students' Creativity, innovation, and coding skills.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October Happenings

October was filled with digital fun!

Kindergarten students listened to the story Go Away Big Green Monster and then created their own Big Green Monster. Using the app ChatterPix we brought these monsters to life.
Listen to these Little Monsters talk!

Grade 2 explored Google Slides.
Students added their own description of their Halloween Costume. They even found clip art to add to their slide.
Click below for their adjective filled writing.

Grade 3 students also explored Google Slides. Working collaboratively all the students added their name to a slide in live time. They had fun watching multiple names appear.
Click through Would You Rather? Where would you add your name?

Build a Jack O Lantern
This Google Slides introduced students to copy and paste to create their design. They then added a descriptive paragraph about their new friend.

Friday, October 26, 2018

MA Stem Week

Mass STEM Week

October 22-26 is MA STEM Week, a new initiative sponsored by Governor Baker to spark student interest and knowledge. He is asking educators at all grade levels to participate by planning lessons, events, and activities focused on science, technology, engineering, and math throughout the week.
This may be anything from nature walks, problem-solving STEM activities, creating (legos, blocks, recycled materials) to more in-depth curriculum based projects.

I created a  MA STEM Week Choice Board with digital ideas.

Students have been exploring many creative and innovative projects this week.

Click below to see CS first projects Animate Your Name created by the Proctor School Help Desk.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Animal Habitats

Grade 2 explored Habitats in a new fun, engaging, creative way!

After spending time researching and note taking, students were tasked with sharing their knowledge.
A choice board allowed groups to select their own end product.
Students worked collaboratively in small groups to choice and design their project. Many different options were given and students were creative throughout the process .

Here is a short video of the Big Expo students put on for the school.

Click on Mrs. McCarthy's Class Projects below.

Google Slides
Book Creator
Google Slides


For the BIG EXPO students showcased their digital work with QR codes.
Scan the codes below to see Mrs. Ragan's Class projects.

Scan the QR codes to Mrs. Ford class Projects.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Oh Canada!

Students in Mrs. Gibbas' Class have been researching and learning more about our neighbor to the north, Canada.
Today we had a Mystery visit with a grade 5 class 5 hours/345 miles away at Townsview School, New Brunswick, Canada.

Because of Technical Difficulties we had to use whiteboards to ask our questions,

Students were actively engaged and used problem solving strategies to guess where they were.
We also had technical difficulties as they had never done this before and had no sound.
Use whiteboards and head nods to communicate.
Use a phone to call and listen to audio while looking at the image on the screen.

We tracked our answers to help figure out their location.

Students are continuing their connection by using FlipGrid to ask and answer new questions.
Click on the link below to view their answers.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Nonfiction Text Features

Nonfiction books often fascinate students. They love learning new interesting facts and get excited to share them.
Text features help us to learn more from the text.
Mrs. Corliss' Class jumped right into their nonfiction books both literally and figuratively with the help of the app GreenScreen by Doink.

Click on the video below to learn more about nonfiction text features.