Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day from Mrs. O'Brien's Kindergarten Class.

Remember Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Click on the picture for some fun recycling activities.

Friday, April 26, 2013

How To...

How to Writing...
Miss Mehlin introduced How to Writing to her class.  The students worked on a story board and created a plan of action.  They brainstormed a description/topic, cause and effect, compare and contrast, and a problem/solution. 
The major component was a time order/sequence section.
I shared some of the First Grade projects with her class and they then created their own educreations.

I have to admit I was getting hungry watching some of these.  I might have to follow the directions and make chocoloate chip cookies or brownies soon. 
While watching a few others I knew I could never do a nose grab or a hand spring even with their good directions.

Story Board for the How To Project.

How to Make a Snow Angel by Robyn
How to Make a Pizza by Lexi
How to Shhot a Basketball by Cooper
How to Do a Nose Grab by Ben
How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies
How to Make Blondies by Ella
How to Get Ready For a Horse Jump by Annabella
How to Groom a Horse by Kate
How to Make a Giant SnowPerson by Jenn
How to Make a Back Hand Spring by Emily
How to Hit a Baseball by Jack
How to Pick a Perfect Outfit by Whitney
How to Make Bean Salad by Gage
How to Ride a Bike by Kyle
How to Make Brownies by Matt
How to Dribble a Basketball by Michael
How to a Sidekick by Myles
How to Make an Ice Cream Cone by Tori
How to Make Brownies by AJ
How to French Braid our Hair by Uma

Non Fiction Reading

This article was written by guest blogger Rolando.
"Hi, I'm Rolando, a sixth grader in Mrs. Obuchowski's class.  What we just did was research a current topic like E-Waste, Factory Farming, or Texting While Driving.  What I made with a partner was an Educreation slideshow on Texting While Driving.
First, we researched a topic by reading multiple articles.  Second, we used that info to plan out 6 informational slides and title, ending, and bibliography.  Then, we spent a couple of days making the educreations.  after that, we proofread our work.  Finally, we recorded our slides!  That's how my edcureations slideshow was created."
Check out other projects done by sixth graders.
Grant, Michaela, Ben ~ E Waste

Katie, Andrew, Rachel ~ Boss Hogs
Katherine, Kaite, and Kaela ~ Distracted Driving
Dannielle, Daphen, and Sophie~ Invasive Species
Zach, Tanner, and Anna ~ Factory Farming
Katerina, Gianna, Lydon and Michael ~ Invasive Species
Cole and Natalie ~ Distracted Driving
Sam, Nicolo, and Joey~ Invasive Species
Shea, Kenny, and Brendan~ Invasive Species
Ned and Sean ~ Factory Farming
Reading Rubric
Articles used for research

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day

Click on the wall above and create a post for Earth Day 2013.
Click on the picture above to create a FREE account.
Click on the picture to read this book.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Technology All Around Us

Hello to all the Third Graders.  I got to meet "President Lincoln" at a Nationals Baseball game.  It was fun watching the "Presidents" run the bases. 

Technology can be found at a baseball stadium.  Sitting in the stands you can now order your snack by using the QR code found on the cup holders and have your food delivered right to your seat.
My daughter delivered my hot dog!

Thumbs Up with "President Lincoln" before the game.
 I had my picture taken in front of the White House just like the Third Graders did for their President projects.
Touring Washington D.C. was a lot of fun.  I love the fact that you can use your phone and scan QR codes to get information on all the monuments as you walk.  No need to carry a map.
Be sure to notice the computer in the picture below.  This was in the Smithsonian Museum of American History and is dated 1980. Yes, computers really did have real floppy disks which did only one program at a time.  In my early teaching days I rescued one of these from the trash and my students loved using it.  Charlie still holds the record for Number Munchers!  These early computers have seen many changes through the years.  They have been replaced by laptops and iPads.

Postcards have gone digital.  Using the app PhotoCard I sent out daily postcards to family and friends.  Here is one I sent to my sister.  Don't worry I also bought her a real postcard.

**Tech Tip:  PhotoCard is a FREE app.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Open House

Open House is a night full of smiling families. I got to meet many old friends and new friends as well. I enjoyed going from room to room greeting past students that are all grown up. And the challenge always is to see if I can remember their names when I see the grown up version of the former third grader. And, yes I was successful. This was a fun night. Can you spot all the technology being used in these photos?
Happy Vacation Week to everyone.
I am off to New York City and then on to Washington D.C.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


News from Second Grade:

"The lives of many famous people who have made a difference in the world have kept us engaged in reading and writing this month. Second graders have been introduced to the genre of biography and have read about people such as, Mother Teresa, Amelia Earhart, Louis Braille, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Each student chose a famous person and wrote a research report about them. On April 10th, the second graders had a 'Famous People Performance' in which they took on the persona of their chosen person. In addition to all of our reading and writing activities, we enjoyed a performance about Amelia Earhart funded by TESPTO."

Mrs. McCarthy's Famous People

Mrs. Clark's Famous People


Students in Mrs. Ragan's kindergarten class combined writing and science this month in their study of transportation.
Using the Internet on the iPad, the camera roll, drawingpad, and educreations they would like to share their favorite form of transportation.
What is your favorite form of transportation?
Hang-glider- Kai
Skateboard- Matty
Submarine- Chloe
Plane- Chirstofer
Boat- Alexa
Army Jet- Trey
Private Jet-Gabe

How To...

First Graders have been busy in Writers Workshop on How To... writing.
Miss Sideri's class worked on tying sneakers.  Her extra large sneaker has some fancy red laces.
Students' colorful sneakers were tied with fun laces.
Mrs. Truhart's class wrote about How to Blow a Bubble.
Real gumballs were used in the gumball machine.  I wonder how long they will last on the board.
First Graders' Teeth are soo soo cute. 
 They created a How to Brush My Teeth Educreations.
My dentist would be proud of their work.
Click on the links below to see How to Brush Your Teeth! 
These will make you smile.
Teddy's Teeth
Ella's Teeth
Lilly's Teeth
Katie's Teeth
Brady's Teeth
Ryan's Teeth
Alex's Teeth
Annika's Teeth

Friday, April 5, 2013

Rhyming With Dr. Seuss and Kindergartners

Mrs. Craven's Kindergartners had a grand time drawing Dr. Seuss-like pictures and adding their own Dr. Seuss rhyme.
Click on the link below to have fun with a rhyme kindergarten style. 

Persuasive Writing

Do you have a favorite Dr. Seuss book? 
The First Graders in Ms Cronin's class wrote persuasive pieces to convince others to read their favorite Dr. Seuss book.  They began by using a graphic organizer which asked them to write their opinion, reason #1, explanation, reason #2, explanation, and opinion.  The students then turned this into a well thought out writing piece.
 Click on the link to be persuaded to read a new Dr. Seuss book. 
These First Grades are very persuasive.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Grade 6 Nonfiction Reading

I would like to thank all the sixth graders who have worked very hard the past few weeks creating educreation projects to share their thinking.
Take a look at what I found on my desk today.  It put a big smile on my face. 
Thank you note from the sixth graders!
Grade 6 students have been reading nonfiction text and talking about text features.  Here are the projects they created to share their new knowledge.
Jack, Connor, Ethan, Ethan, Jack
 Nick, Julia, Keegan, Meredith, Katelyn
 Ryan, Darren, Aedan
Emmi, Brianna, Luke, Joe
Kayla, Nicole, Sophia, Zoey
Chloe, Phoebe, Sydney, Ashley
Evan, Drew, Quincy, Matthew, Thomas
Eric, Orion, Sean, Blayke 


Studying the Islamic Religion
*Choose one topic from the Islam packet to research more in depth.
*Create and educreation presentation on your chosen topic.
  •      Be detailed and thorough with your presentation.
  •      Include pictures, maps, graphs, charts, photos, diagrams as applicable.
  •      You may research online to find additional facts and details about your topic.
  •      Be creative and make your Educreations interesting.
  •      End your presentation with three questions for the class.
  •      Cover and reveal the answers with a time delay.
Click on the links below to learn more about the Islamic religion.

Ethan, Sean

Jack, Matthew
Sydney, Ashley 
Erin, Julia
Quincy, Ethan 
 Eric, Jack
Ethan, Sean 
 Phoebe, Ava
 Nick, Connor
Meredith, Katelyn 
 Kayla, Zoey
 Darren, Ryan
 Chloe, Brianna
 Thomas, Drew
Luke, Aedan
Keegan, Joe
Marissa, Sophia
Nicole, Serena
Eric, Jack

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Muslim Clothing

*This post was written by Sixth Grade Guest Bloggers Julia and Erin.
We just finished an educreation on the Muslim religion.  The two of us decided on Muslim clothing because it was the most interesting thing in the packet.  Putting together the educreation was the best part because you get to use your own words and style.  We also liked how you can put in pictures so when you present it your class can understand it better.  Recording can be nerve-racking but it is nice when you present it because you can say it how it's meant to be said.  We think educreations are a more efficient and fun way to do a project.
Guest Bloggers Julie and Erin

Social Studies the Study of Islam

*This post was written by Sixth Grade Guest Bloggers Kayla and Zoey:
We wanted more information on the studies of Islam.  Our teachers assigned us a project on Islamic religions.  We partnered up and worked on a packet.  This packet had lots of information on Islam.  When we finished, the section that appealed to us the most was our topic for an educreation.  We had well over 2 weeks to work on our educreation.  We had to have at least 3 questions for our class.  Our group decided to use Jeopardy, it's a fun trivia show.  We decided to incorporate it for our trivia!  Slowly our educreation came to life!  We're so proud!
 Click on the link to see The Afternoon Muslim Show

Monday, April 1, 2013


A Salute to Our Presidents 
 The Third Grade had a wonderful President Performance last week for invited guests.  This was the culmination of a month of hard work.  Each class performed either a song or poem and then invited guests back to the classroom for a 21st century component to this favorite grade 3 tradition.
Click on the links below to see each class's educreations project. 
I think we may have some future presidents in our mix.

Mrs. Corliss's Class 
Mrs. Jordan's Class
 Mrs. Dunagan's Class

Mrs. Rec's Class watching their project in the library.