Thursday, April 18, 2013

Technology All Around Us

Hello to all the Third Graders.  I got to meet "President Lincoln" at a Nationals Baseball game.  It was fun watching the "Presidents" run the bases. 

Technology can be found at a baseball stadium.  Sitting in the stands you can now order your snack by using the QR code found on the cup holders and have your food delivered right to your seat.
My daughter delivered my hot dog!

Thumbs Up with "President Lincoln" before the game.
 I had my picture taken in front of the White House just like the Third Graders did for their President projects.
Touring Washington D.C. was a lot of fun.  I love the fact that you can use your phone and scan QR codes to get information on all the monuments as you walk.  No need to carry a map.
Be sure to notice the computer in the picture below.  This was in the Smithsonian Museum of American History and is dated 1980. Yes, computers really did have real floppy disks which did only one program at a time.  In my early teaching days I rescued one of these from the trash and my students loved using it.  Charlie still holds the record for Number Munchers!  These early computers have seen many changes through the years.  They have been replaced by laptops and iPads.

Postcards have gone digital.  Using the app PhotoCard I sent out daily postcards to family and friends.  Here is one I sent to my sister.  Don't worry I also bought her a real postcard.

**Tech Tip:  PhotoCard is a FREE app.

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