Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How To...

First Graders have been busy in Writers Workshop on How To... writing.
Miss Sideri's class worked on tying sneakers.  Her extra large sneaker has some fancy red laces.
Students' colorful sneakers were tied with fun laces.
Mrs. Truhart's class wrote about How to Blow a Bubble.
Real gumballs were used in the gumball machine.  I wonder how long they will last on the board.
First Graders' Teeth are soo soo cute. 
 They created a How to Brush My Teeth Educreations.
My dentist would be proud of their work.
Click on the links below to see How to Brush Your Teeth! 
These will make you smile.
Teddy's Teeth
Ella's Teeth
Lilly's Teeth
Katie's Teeth
Brady's Teeth
Ryan's Teeth
Alex's Teeth
Annika's Teeth

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