Friday, April 26, 2013

How To...

How to Writing...
Miss Mehlin introduced How to Writing to her class.  The students worked on a story board and created a plan of action.  They brainstormed a description/topic, cause and effect, compare and contrast, and a problem/solution. 
The major component was a time order/sequence section.
I shared some of the First Grade projects with her class and they then created their own educreations.

I have to admit I was getting hungry watching some of these.  I might have to follow the directions and make chocoloate chip cookies or brownies soon. 
While watching a few others I knew I could never do a nose grab or a hand spring even with their good directions.

Story Board for the How To Project.

How to Make a Snow Angel by Robyn
How to Make a Pizza by Lexi
How to Shhot a Basketball by Cooper
How to Do a Nose Grab by Ben
How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies
How to Make Blondies by Ella
How to Get Ready For a Horse Jump by Annabella
How to Groom a Horse by Kate
How to Make a Giant SnowPerson by Jenn
How to Make a Back Hand Spring by Emily
How to Hit a Baseball by Jack
How to Pick a Perfect Outfit by Whitney
How to Make Bean Salad by Gage
How to Ride a Bike by Kyle
How to Make Brownies by Matt
How to Dribble a Basketball by Michael
How to a Sidekick by Myles
How to Make an Ice Cream Cone by Tori
How to Make Brownies by AJ
How to French Braid our Hair by Uma

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  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful How To writing pieces. We had fun in first grade listening and watching their awesome work!


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