Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mr. Deveney's Book Talks

Students in Mr. Deveney's Fifth Grade Class discovered some Talking Books in their library. These books want to help you decide what book to read next.
Please leave us a comment when you have read one of their recommendations.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Welcome Baby Cora

Students in Mrs. Inconiglios's Kindergarten Class have created  welcome pictures using the apps drawing pad and animoto for new Baby Cora. 
Thank you Mrs. I for sending in a picture. Cora is beautiful!

Oh, Canada

"Today in school Ms Scott's 4th grade class went on a skype visit and visited Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  We had a great Think Tank so we were able to guess after 10 questions where they were.  We learned that in school they don't learn about many places so skype helps them.  We were glad that we could help them learn about Massachusetts."
Guest Blogger Caroline

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mrs. Truhart's Class

Mrs. Truhart's First Grade Classroom has a lot to say about what happens in her room. 
Click below to watch her classroom come to life.
Click here to view Mrs. Truhart's Class
 Music courtesy of Jack Johnson We're Going to Be Friends

Monday, May 19, 2014

Math Party Time

How do students keep themselves busy over the weekend?
Guest Blogger Caitlin from Mrs. Murphy's Class Shows You what she did this weekend in her most recent educreations presentation:
Be prepared to laugh and learn!


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Friday, May 16, 2014

Let Me Tell You a Story

Grade 5 students in Mrs. Lantz's class have busy writing fables, fairy tales, and tall tales.  This marvelous writing concluded a unit of reading in this genre.

Students busy editing before they publish their work to google drive.
Using the app Book Creator students published these digital books. The books can be viewed in ibooks on a tablet or iPhone.
When you see a sound symbol on a page be sure to click on it for some added fun.

When you open the link Click on Download
Open in iBooks
50 Balls One Minute by Charlie

The Runaway Royal by Emily      

All of the Answers by Trent

Dinah the Stomping Dinosaur by Jessica

Friends and Foes by Nina

He Scores! by Ashely

Joe and the Insane Sickness by Kate

Lilly, Willy, and the Sun by Andrea

Prophet of Pompeii by Benny

The Beast Inside the Beauty by Maddie

Burtbilla Swats the Octopus Thing by Brandon

The Best One on One Ever by Jack R

The Bubble Gum Stabber by Callie

What Lights a Little Lightning by Spencer

When Does the Fight End by Kyle           

Where the Rainbow Ends by Cooper

Why Dogs Bark by Max W.

Why Plants Grow and Die by Max R.

Why We Have Rain by Jack H.

Why Wind Has Come by Sierra

The Safari Queen by Zoe

Under the Above by Natalie

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Presidents by Mrs. Corliss' Class

Doing research and learning new facts has always been an enjoyable experience for students.  They usually can't wait to share some of the unique things they learn.  Mrs. Corliss' Class recently read all about presidents.  We used the app Chatterpix to create a slide show worthy of the presidents.


Text Features

Using the app Chatterpix Mrs. Hancock's First Grade Class will teach you all about text features.
Text Features By Mrs. Hancock's Class
Click Here To Learn About Text Features

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Math is Everywhere!

Be Aware! Math is Everywhere!

Mrs. Jordan's students have worked on learning math vocabulary all year. They used educreations to share their knowledge.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mystery Skype

"Today we are doing a Mystery skype.  Our first clue:  They live in the USA.  Our second helps a lot.  They live in the Midwest Region.  So far, so good!  By our third question we already know that they are in Michigan!
But to make it fair (and for fun) we are going to try to find out their town, city, maybe even school.
So far, they know our state.
Now we are trying to figure out their county.  While this will be tricky, we will be able to do it.
We know they are not in Eaton, nor Jackson County.  This is hard.  Yes!  Now we know they are north of Wayne County.  We have figured out their county by now.  They live in St. Clair County.
There is only two minutes left, but who knows maybe we will figure out their town and school.
We now know their town.  They live in Port Huron.
The last thing we want to know is their school.
We know they don't go to Port Huron Elementary School.  Maybe Cull School?  Yes, we were correct!
Well, this has been fun, but our time here is over.  Talk to you next time on Mrs. Klipfel's"
Written by Carys, Mystery Skype Reporter
Answerer and Questioners are ready for the next question.

Runners picking up the next question.
Reporter and Notetakers

Trying to narrow down our next question.

Think Tank at work.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Wax Museum

The Spotlight is on Mrs. Murphy's Class!
Click on the links below to have these wax figures come to life.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


"Today Mrs. Kelleher's Class had a Mystery Skype.  It was so exciting asking and answering the questions, but to ask the questions our Think Tank had to think hard.  Ben our Note Taker was a big help to our Mystery Skype because he was listening to one of their answers and narrowed their region down to the Midwest.  After that Google Mappers were making very astute observations and guesses.  We had one very lucky guess and we figured out their class was in Illinois.  At the end we figured out that the class we were skyping with was in 2nd grade.  That's so unbelievable because they were so astute.  Then we talked about our school and towns.  We had so much fun Mystery Skyping!"
Written by Jaime, Reporter

Andrew as Notetaker helps remind us of What We Know


Art Goes Digital

Mrs. Lang has been using the app Brushes with her sixth grade students.  The classes have been so excited while using this app you could hear a pin drop while they drew, redrew, changed, edited, and finalized their work.  The app allows the creator to view the stages of drawing in a video format.  It was exciting to watch as students shared their work via Apple TV with one another.
 Click here to see the stages of Chris' work.

Chris with his original version and using apple TV to share his iPad masterpiece.

Mrs. Lang working with Alex.
Students enjoying Brushes.

Maggie's Final Project on the iPad