Thursday, May 1, 2014


"Today Mrs. Kelleher's Class had a Mystery Skype.  It was so exciting asking and answering the questions, but to ask the questions our Think Tank had to think hard.  Ben our Note Taker was a big help to our Mystery Skype because he was listening to one of their answers and narrowed their region down to the Midwest.  After that Google Mappers were making very astute observations and guesses.  We had one very lucky guess and we figured out their class was in Illinois.  At the end we figured out that the class we were skyping with was in 2nd grade.  That's so unbelievable because they were so astute.  Then we talked about our school and towns.  We had so much fun Mystery Skyping!"
Written by Jaime, Reporter

Andrew as Notetaker helps remind us of What We Know


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