Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mystery Skype

"Today we are doing a Mystery skype.  Our first clue:  They live in the USA.  Our second helps a lot.  They live in the Midwest Region.  So far, so good!  By our third question we already know that they are in Michigan!
But to make it fair (and for fun) we are going to try to find out their town, city, maybe even school.
So far, they know our state.
Now we are trying to figure out their county.  While this will be tricky, we will be able to do it.
We know they are not in Eaton, nor Jackson County.  This is hard.  Yes!  Now we know they are north of Wayne County.  We have figured out their county by now.  They live in St. Clair County.
There is only two minutes left, but who knows maybe we will figure out their town and school.
We now know their town.  They live in Port Huron.
The last thing we want to know is their school.
We know they don't go to Port Huron Elementary School.  Maybe Cull School?  Yes, we were correct!
Well, this has been fun, but our time here is over.  Talk to you next time on Mrs. Klipfel's"
Written by Carys, Mystery Skype Reporter
Answerer and Questioners are ready for the next question.

Runners picking up the next question.
Reporter and Notetakers

Trying to narrow down our next question.

Think Tank at work.

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