Friday, May 16, 2014

Let Me Tell You a Story

Grade 5 students in Mrs. Lantz's class have busy writing fables, fairy tales, and tall tales.  This marvelous writing concluded a unit of reading in this genre.

Students busy editing before they publish their work to google drive.
Using the app Book Creator students published these digital books. The books can be viewed in ibooks on a tablet or iPhone.
When you see a sound symbol on a page be sure to click on it for some added fun.

When you open the link Click on Download
Open in iBooks
50 Balls One Minute by Charlie

The Runaway Royal by Emily      

All of the Answers by Trent

Dinah the Stomping Dinosaur by Jessica

Friends and Foes by Nina

He Scores! by Ashely

Joe and the Insane Sickness by Kate

Lilly, Willy, and the Sun by Andrea

Prophet of Pompeii by Benny

The Beast Inside the Beauty by Maddie

Burtbilla Swats the Octopus Thing by Brandon

The Best One on One Ever by Jack R

The Bubble Gum Stabber by Callie

What Lights a Little Lightning by Spencer

When Does the Fight End by Kyle           

Where the Rainbow Ends by Cooper

Why Dogs Bark by Max W.

Why Plants Grow and Die by Max R.

Why We Have Rain by Jack H.

Why Wind Has Come by Sierra

The Safari Queen by Zoe

Under the Above by Natalie

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