Monday, April 4, 2016

The Chromebooks Have Arrived!

Words cannot express the deep level of gratitude to TEF (Topsfield Educational Foundation) for their recent grant approval of 25 chromebooks plus a cart for storage to the students at Proctor School.

As Proctor School teachers and students are becoming familiar with all things google, the demand for devices that allows them to work in the cloud has increased more and more each week. This new set of 25 chromebooks will get a lot of use at Proctor School by our student 21st century experts.

Thank You TEF!

Mrs. Murphy's class helps unveil the new cart of chromebooks.

Tech Tips~
Some of the benefits of working with Google chromebook:
Log in to your account is very quick, 8 seconds to boot up.
Long battery life, 13 hours~ all day!
The chromebook is light and easy to transport.
Students can work collaboratively anywhere which improves the writing process.
Amazing Presentations can be made on any topic, anywhere.
Research can occur right within the document.

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