Monday, April 11, 2016

Postcards From the Southwest

I love postcards!
Over the years I have collected postcards from family, friends, and students. I have quite a collection. They help me dream of places near and far. Places I have traveled to and those I some day hope to visit.
Earlier this year the fourth grades sent a teddy bear on a journey around the USA. Each classroom has a large collection on postcards hanging on a board. When I am in these rooms I often pause and look at all the places I have been.
Mrs. Lampe's Collection of postcards
My fascination with postcards and the study of the southwest region was a perfect match and led Mrs. Lampe's class to a Postcard Project.
Click on the pictures below to enjoy these "Live" Postcards.
Tech Tip:
Practice, Practice, Practice is the key to a successful project.
We used the camera on the iPad to film each clip in front of the green screen.
Then using the app Green Screen by Doink we created each clip with the appropriate background and saved these to the camera roll.
Using the app explain everything we compiled each video on the state page.
Using google drive for our storage gives us get the embed code for this blog.
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