Friday, November 20, 2015

Steward School New Media Center

Over the summer the Steward School Library had a makeover. A lot of helpers (mostly Mrs. DeFrank, the librarian) moved all those books and shelves out of the library. There were boxes everywhere. Have you ever thought about how many books are in a library?

New Carpet was put in place and bookshelves were rearranged.
We even ended up with this lovely little corner.

Using a few of the extra lunchroom tables we created a new Media Center.
Can you spot the new laptop cart in the back?

Mrs. McCarthy's Second Graders came in to try out this new inviting space.

We talked about our next steps.  

Maybe some new curtains and plants would look nice in here.
Do you have any suggestions to help make this space even cozier?

 photo MrsKlipfelsign.jpg

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