Sunday, November 22, 2015

Grade 4 Teddy Bears

The Grade 4 students sent their teddy bears off on their journey discovering all parts of the United States and maybe even beyond. 
You can follow their adventures by checking out the Proctor Fourth Grade Teddy Bear Blog.

Teddy Bears are comfortable and tucked into their new homes waiting for the US Postal truck to arrive.

Using google sheets students will be tracking the bears' destinations.
 Click on the graph below to see their data.

New this year~ Introducing
 Techie Bear

Techie Bear even has his own blog. He wants to see outside your front door. Click on his picture above for directions on how to submit your own front door picture.

The form below is a new digital way for the grade 4 students to discover the USA. Use the scroll bar on the right to see the entire form. Thank you for your time.
Click HERE for the direct link to this form.

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