Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's A Mystery!

I love a good mystery! 
It is fun trying to figure out the clues and the answer to
Who Did It?
Mrs. Boucher's Fifth Graders are creating their own mystery stories. 
To set the stage Mrs. Boucher and I created a crime scene using Mrs. O'Leary's office.  We laid out all the evidence and took a series of pictures.  We asked the students to list the possible suspects and give the reasons why.  The students were excellent detectives as they sorted through all the evidence we presented.
Crime scene in Mrs. O'Leary's office
The students then worked with a partner and set up their own "crime scene" with many items brought from home.  They used the app Skitch to take pictures of the evidence.  This app lets you write and add annotations to your photos for later review.  Pictures are easily saved to the camera roll.
Here are the crime scenes created by the students. 

Mrs. Boucher's classsroom
Mrs. Klipfel's office

Ms N's classroom

Stay tuned for the books that are being created in the app Book Creator.
Be sure to check out  Mrs. Boucher's Blog to read a short detailed summary of these well written mysteries. 


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