Thursday, June 20, 2013

United States

Fourth Graders have worked all year on learning the regions of the United States.  These students even produced a "Fifty States Pagent" for their parents which included sashes, hats, and flags made in our CLIC program.
The final project was to create a state report.  Some classes used publisher and produced a trifold brochure from the prospective of the governor of the state.  They were the governor.

Ms Scott helping edit a brochure

Other classes used publisher and created a multi page report. 

Miss Mehlin's class used the app Scribble Press and created digital books.  Click on the links below to read these fabulous nonfiction books.

add text and pictures
tools in scribble press 

pages in book

Alabama by Jack
Arizona by Uma
Arkansas by Whitney
Connecticut by Matthew
Delaware by AJ
Hawaii by Myles
Kansas by Emily
Kentucky by Kate
Louisiana by Lexi
Maryland by Michael
Minnesota by Jennifer
Montana by Ben
New York by Grace
North Dakota by Ella
Ohio by Cooper
Washington by Gage
West Virgina by Robyn


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