Friday, February 15, 2013


Happy 100th day!
Steward School celebrated the 100th day of school on Wednesday and Fuller Meadow School in Middleton celebrated today.  (Really, it was their 101st day)
The students in Mrs. O'Brien's class and Mrs. Corliss's class visited these "senior citzens" via Skype.  Miss Klipfel (how does one's daughter get to be older than you?) is a First Grade teacher in Middleton and we arranged a time for our meeting.   We signed on to Skype and the visit began.  The students were very excited about the event.  "Granny Klipfel's" students were dressed as 100 year olds.  They looked marvelous for their age.  They slowly hobbled to the computer, turned up their hearing aids (remember their age) and shared the details of their outfits.  There were many antique shawls, canes, and glasses in view.  Thank you Miss Klipfel and class for sharing your day with us.   We wish you good health for the next 100 years!

Steward students Skype on the big screen in the library.

Mrs. O'Brien's class ended our visit with a little song.
Check out "Granny Klipfel's" blog by clicking below for more fun information on their day as 100 year olds.

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