Monday, February 18, 2013

Colonial Regions

Fifth Graders working in groups in Mrs. Madden's class had a busy week researching The Colonial Regions.  I really enjoyed watching the dynamics of each group.  The boardrooms of many high level corporations would have been impressed watching the deliberations and collaborations of each group as they worked together. Students used the fifth grade portal to gather research on their region.  Portaportal is a FREE site that lets you list specific links in an organized way.  Click on the link below to view the grade 5 portal.
 Each student researched their specific topic and then created their slide in educreations.  Students took screenshots and we then emailed the pictures.  The final part was compiling each group's work onto one ipad and importing them into educreations.  Click on each project below to view the final results.
**Tech Tip:  An easy way to have students find a web site on the iPad is to make it an app on the iPad.
1.  Go to the website.
2.  Click on the send arrow 
3.  Click on Add to Home Screen
4.  This will add an app for the website on your screen.

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