Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Behind the Scenes

What happens when you're not looking?
I love touring factories, baseball parks, and watching TV shows being recorded. There is something exciting about all the backstage happenings.  It makes you feel like you are in on the secret. 
Last month my son and daughter in law were lucky enough to be contestants for Couples Week on the TV show Wheel of Fortune in Los Angeles and I got to go!  We had so much fun. 
Thoughts from the experience: My hands never hurt so much from clapping;  It was hard having to keep quiet when you knew the puzzle;  We watched 5 episodes taped in one day; Contestants have hair and makeup refreshened after every puzzle;  And yes, Vanna White is beautiful!  I have always thought she had a great job:  Looking pretty, fancy clothes, meeting new people, and she loves what she does.
Well, I love what I do too!
This week a lot of behind the scenes work is taking place in our district with the iPads.  I have spent 2 days in Middleton and 2 days in Topsfield working with a team from both towns.  We have been restoring iPads to factory settings, updating the profiles, changing the profiles, researching apps, adding free apps, and buying paid apps for our iPads.  While that may sound fairly straightforward, there was a lot we had to learn to make that happen.  Using Apple Configurator with its own little quirky ways took some time to understand.  I had visited Dan Callahan and Dennis Villano at Pine Glen Elementary School in Burlington and they really gave me a great start on managing the iPad carts.  The key component was to be sure to allow apps to be downloaded in the profile.  Easy to fix with a click of the apply button and a little fairy dust.  "Be patient" were key words.
We are now very happy with the newest setups.  Keep checking back to see what is happening at our schools.  New Apps to Explore!
Final Thoughts on my job:  Vanna and I have a lot in common:  Looking pretty (at least the first graders said so), fancy clothes (I wore some of my best Minnie Mouse jewelry), meeting new people (the tech team was a lot of fun), and I do love what I do!

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