Sunday, February 17, 2013

Presidential Apps

Happy Presidents' Day!
February is the month we honor our presidents.  The Third Grade has begun a research report on a president.  Our librarian, Mrs. DeFrank, has gathered all the library resources for the classrooms.  Our school has an extensive collection of nonfiction books.  This research project has always been a learning adventure full of finding new facts and all the excitement to share their new knowledge.  During this month you hear a lot of "Did you know...?" around the room.

Did you know Grover Cleveland was the only president elected to two nonconsecutive terms?
Did you know that the S in Harry S Truman doesn't stand for anything?
Did you know that Dwight D. Eisenhower was the only president to serve in WWI and WWII?
Did you know that James Carter was the first president born in a hospital?

Can you name all six U.S. Presidents whose first name was James?
Can you name the four presidents born in Massachusetts?
(answers at the end of this post)
Our iPads have some FREE apps the students have been exploring.  Be sure to check them out.

Students in Mrs. Rec's class were the first reviewers of these Presidential apps.
Zach:  We are learning about the presidents and you learn some cool facts.
Skyla:  It's fun.  It teaches facts about the presidents.
Camilla:  I want this app because it's a really fun game and I have stack the states and why not try it.
Jake:  I like learning about the presidents that I don't know. It is fun because it is a game.
Caitlin:  I like how we are learning about presidents but are still having fun.
Jack:  This app is very fun.  It is a good app because we are studying presidents.

 Happy Presidents' Day Answers:
Can you name all six U.S. Presidents whose first name was James?
#4 James Madison
#5 James Monroe
#11 James Polk
#15 James Buchanan
#20 James Garfield
#39 James Carter

The Four Presidents born in Massachusetts:

#2  John Adams,
#6  John Quincy Adams
#35  John F. Kennedy,
#41  George H W. Bush

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