Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Drawing with a stylus

In the week before Halloween as I visited each class we continued to work on the ipads.  One of the activities was to help with drawing and writing with a stylus and our finger.  We experimented with the look of each.  All the students drew a picture of their favorite candy.  We had quite a few varieties displayed with so many details and colors. We talked about the fact that you can only have one "favorite"  but you can like more than one.  I also drew my favorite candy.  I like chocolate but I love red Swedish Fish.  To my delighted surprise I received a bag of my favorite treat the next day from one of the Third Graders. I am a happy girl!
*Tech Tip:  Order 100 styluses on ebay.  Great deals and free shipping.


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  1. We loved using the styluses in 1st grade. Thanks for the helpful tip!


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