Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Mickey and Minnie!

On November 18th Mickey Mouse will turn 84 years old.
Anyone who has visited my classroom has known of my Love of all things Disney. I am especially in love with Minnie Mouse.  I even drive a mini (Minnie) van with a seasonal antennae ball! 
In honor of Mickey's and Minnie's birthday I am giving you a peek into my new "Disney Office".

As a classroom teacher I always loved celebrating my students' birthdays.  We would begin the day with the birthday chair cover placed on the Birthday Student's seat.  On the smartboard would be a Happy Message for the day.  The lucky Birthday Boy or Girl then got to stand on their chair. Yes, they were told to be careful but they loved this part.  We would all sing Happy Birthday. 
*Tech Tip: I have discovered a great free online birthday site.  You can find the names of your students (and friends) and the site will sing a very cute personal version of Happy Birthday.  You can even download the songs and email the songs for a surprise in someone's inbox.  The students love to enthusiastically sing along.

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