Saturday, November 10, 2012

Open House

On Thursday night Proctor School held its annual Open House for parents and students.  I have always enjoyed visiting with parents and students during Open House.  It is a pleasure seeing past students and learning about what they have been doing.  It is fun to show off all we have been working on in school.  It is simply an enjoyable evening!
A few of the classes had iPads on display in their rooms.  I saw many people exploring and creating on the iPads.  There were some interesting pictures left using Photo Booth.  Rest assured they are all deleted now.
 As I walked around the school I had my iPad with me to capture pictures of the evening, as well as to share our work.  Many students stopped me to show their parents their own educreations projects.  There were big smiles everywhere during the night.
One of the tasty events of the night is the ice cream sundaes for sale in the cafe to benefit the band.  I was treated to a delicious hot fudge sundae at the end of the night.  Yum! Yum!  And YES, I did eat the whole thing!

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