Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Color and Light

The fifth graders in Mrs. Boucher's class have been very busy for the past week. 
In science class they have been studying color and light.  The "test" was to show what they know in an educreation presentation.  It was very impressive.
The process began in the classroom with a written draft of the test. The students created an outline of their answers to help them organize their final work. We booked the library and the iPad cart and everyone was ready to take the "test".
The students were all focused and created wonderful and thoughtful presentations.  When the students were done they then worked with a partner and practiced their presentation before the final recording.  There was a lot of science vocabulary in the room that day.
*Tech Tip:  The students took screen shots of each page as they finished them in case any of their programs suddenly closed. (And as it turned out this saved the day a few times because we could recreate our presentation.)
The next step will be to share their knowledge with other fifth graders.
 MA framework that was addressed:Light Energy: Recognize that light travels in a straight line until it strikes an object or travels from one medium to another, and that light can be reflected, refracted , and absorbed. 
Take a peek at the presentations at educreations and learn something new about color and light.

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