Saturday, October 13, 2012

Spelling City for the Computer and iPad

Word Work made easy!  I have used Spelling City for many years and the students love it.  I often assigned this site as a homework option.
Take a look at Spelling City.

This is a free web based site that allows teachers, parents and students to input their own weekly lists.  As a teacher you can load your weekly lists and they are saved for the students.  There are ready made lists as well.
The link may be attached to your school web site to make it easier for students to find the site and log on.  I often assigned this as an option for homework at least one night a week.  I love the spelling pretest choice. (Parents do too!)

The program has many few activities as well as a premium membership.  I have used the free version with great success.

Hang Mouse is a favorite game.
The site allows students to take a test, play a game, review vocabulary, and work on writing sentences.
Another feature are mini lesson videos located in the teaching resources section.  During RTI students are able to work on individual skills that include a short video and a specific skill lesson.

Click here to watch the video on compound words. And then click on view a lesson.
The good news is that SpellingCity also has a free app for the iPad! 
Be sure to check this site out.


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