Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Calling All Scientists

A fifth grade student in Mrs. Ellis's Class took on a Science Challenge posed by her science teacher, Mrs. Boucher.  This young lady went home and using the scientific process asked the question:

How many drops of milk will fit on a penny?

State your own hypothesis before watching her video.

Do you accept the challenge?  Now conduct your own experiment!
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  1. Dear Caroline and Katherine,
    I truly enjoyed your science experiment! I found it extremely interesting and impressive! I am proud of you for accepting the challenge from Mrs. Ellis! During the experiment it was wonderful to see you include so many details before you got started, during the experiment and conclude with a math lesson on averages! Keep up the excellent effort this year! You are an amazing student! What is next on your educational agenda?
    Mrs. Murphy

  2. Dear World,
    Today I got invited to a school committee meeting to present and answer questions about my experiment. Even Dr. Creeden was there! It was so much fun. First,we watched my video and then the school committee asked me questions and finally Mrs. O'leary finished up by showing the presentation. We then concluded my portion of the meeting!
    Thank you for watching my science challenge
    From, Caroline


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