Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blogging Friends

Miss Klipfel and I have been teaching a course on blogging to fellow teachers in our district.  We have enjoyed sharing all the tricks on how to set up a blog and improve a blog post by adding more details.  We have talked about adding pictures, captions, links, essential questions, student work, posing questions, and the Common Core Standards.

This week teachers are participating in a Blogging Challenge.  The Blogger who has the most comments on a recent post by Tuesday morning will be crowned The Blogging Challenge Winner.
Hop on over to some of these blogs listed below.  Click on the title and see what is happening in their classrooms.  If their post has inspired you, please leave them a comment. Click on  NO COMMENT at the bottom of each post and add your own thoughts.  Bloggers LOVE Comments!

Kindergarten Friends

First Grade Friends

Second Grade Friends

Third Grade Friends

Fourth Grade Friends

Specialist Friends

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