Wednesday, October 8, 2014

David Goes to the Steward School Library

Mrs. DeFrank, our librarian, read No, David by David Shannon to her grade 1 students as a way to introduce how to be safe in the library. As a class the students brainstormed Yes David and No David rules for the library.  Then students wrote their own rules for the library which will be bound into a big book.  I bet a lot of boys and girls will be waiting to check that book out of the library.

Using the camera on the iPad we recorded the eager students performing these rules.  There was no shortage of enthusiastic volunteers for this project especially for the No David rules.  All the video clips were then added into iMovie for the final project.

Students created their own rules
Students practice their parts for the video.
Quiet on the set!
 Click on the book below to see the First Graders' Masterpiece!

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