Monday, October 20, 2014

Airplanes Around the World

As part of the Global Read Aloud, First Graders have been listening to the books written by local author and illustrator  Peter Reynolds . The book that was read aloud last week was I'm Here.

"I’m here. 
And you’re there. 
And that’s okay. 
maybe there will be a gentle wind that pulls us together. 
And then I’ll be here and you’ll be here, too. 

Pure, powerful and deceptively simple, bestselling author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds reminds us that children—and the friendships they make—can take flight in unexpected ways.
"  Amazon

As a grade level, students sent a paper airplane to one another.  
Click on the airplane below to follow the paper airplane from Steward First Grade Class to Steward First Grade Class.

We also submitted our video to Mr. Balcom who collected other videos from across the world and complied them into one video for everyone to view.
Click below to see the path of the airplanes.
Keep an eye out for the Topsfield Planes.

Miss Sideri's First Class wrote their ideas on how to learn about others on their own paper airplanes. Click on the picture below to hear all the ways this class shares how to make friends.

 photo MrsKlipfelsign.jpg

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