Saturday, December 5, 2015

We Visited Nebraska

Mrs. Gibbas' fourth grade students traveled over 1366 miles via skype to visit with Mrs. Hamilton's fourth grade class from Elkhorn Valley Schools in Tilden, Nebraska

Both classes played a game of Mystery Skype and asked yes or no questions to narrow down where in the world each class was located. The questions were thoughtful and used a lot of geography vocabulary.  Some of our questions: Is your state east of the Mississippi River? Does your state border the state of Nebraska?  Is your state north of Kansas? Are you located in the western region?
Both classes guessed the other location within one question of each other.

After our skype visit the students had time to ask and answer questions.
We found out that their mascot if the falcon.
Their school goes to grade 12.
There are only 1000 people in their town.
They had snow on Monday and Tuesday this week.
The live in the central time zone which is one hour behind us.
President Gerald Ford was born in Nebraska.
KoolAid was invented in Nebraska.
Chimney Rock is a landmark in the western part of the state.

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