Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Northeast Region~Google Style

How do you take advantage of all the wonderful features found in google for education? As a teacher it is always the challenge to have students expand on their learning.
Mrs. Murphy had her class work together to create one classroom slide presentation to showcase the northeast region of the United States. A group of 2 or 3 students were responsible for the information on one part of the final project. The project was initially shared and then students added their group's information. 
Here is their final presentation on The Northeast Region. I look forward seeing what this innovative class thinks of for the next region they study.

When working together it takes a lot of cooperation and collaboration on everyone's part. Here is where google scores Big Time! These fourth grade students collaborated via google comments. Check the excerpt below from their shared work. Did you notice the time that Mrs. Murphy and these students were commenting? The ability of  working with Google for Education opens the learning beyond the school day. These students were invested and happily worked from home to complete their assignment.

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