Friday, December 18, 2015

Family Recipes From Mrs. Boucher's Class

Right before Thanksgiving Mrs. Boucher had the idea of collecting family recipes from her students. For homework, students were asked to bring in a copy of the recipe, as well as a picture.
Using google docs, students wrote the recipes and then copied them into the app Book Creator.
 This led to the creation of a class family recipe book.

You can also find these recipes on the students' kidblog pages. 
They would love it if you visited and left them a comment.

Click on the image below for the ibook version of their recipe book which is accessible on an iPad in either book creator or ibooks.
Click on the image below for the PDF version.

Tech Tip:
When opening the digital book on your device you will get this message.

Choose either Open in iBooks or Book Creator. 

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