Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Visit with Students in Middleton

Off to Middleton we went.

Fuller Meadow School is located in Middleton which is only 9 miles from Steward School in Topsfield.
Using skype, students made connections with the global Read Aloud book they are reading, The Year of Billy Miller.

Our first stop was in Miss Klipfel's first grade classroom (yes, she is my lovely and talented daughter). Mrs. Corliss' third graders enjoyed meeting her students. They got to know each other by sharing a little about their classes and towns.  Topsfield students shared the Topsfield Fair and Middleton students shared Richardson's Dairy facts. There were some third grade girls who recognized Miss Klipfel as a Masco grade 3-4 girls' field hockey coach.  Students discussed their favorite book characters and their favorite parts of the book with each other.  It was very impressive that these first and third graders had a lot to talk about and shared information only 9 miles apart from one another.

After lunch we took another trip 9 miles back to Middleton. Mrs. Ford's second graders visited with Mrs. Thomson's first graders. Mrs. Thomson and Mrs. Ford shared how they knew each other from graduate school. The conversation also revolved around the book The Year of Billy Miller. Thoughtful questions were asked from both classes. Students made connections with Billy about starting second grade and how nervous they also felt. Many shared their favorite books written by Kevin Henkes. It was a fun time making new friends and plans were to do this again.

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  1. We loved skyping with you too Mrs. Klipfel and students. Maybe we'll virtually see you again soon!

    Miss Klipfel and 1st Grade Class


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