Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Where Are You?

"Ms Scott's class in Mystery Skype Action~
Today we went on a trip in the USA but we had to try to find where we were going.  The First clue was that it is west of the Mississippi River and in the Midwest region.  The second clue was the place borders Canada.  It is Minnesota!  Now we tried to find out the town or city.  The next clue was it is northwest of St. Paul and not in a major city.  The county starts with the letter M.  The county is Meeker.  It is a town in Meeker County.  The town is Litchfield!  Now you know where we went today."  Reporter Carissa
What does Mystery Skype look like?  Before and During

Our visit today was to Wagner Elementary School in Litchfield, MN
Thank you to Mrs. Swenson's Fourth Graders for collaborating with us.


View Proctor Elementary School in a larger map

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