Thursday, April 3, 2014

Famous People

Second Grade have been reading in many genres this year.  As part of the Biography unit each student researched a person who has made a difference.  The students then drew a detailed illustration of that person.  Using the camera on the iPad we took a snapshot of the picture.  In the app ChatterPix (FREE) students recorded a 30 second clip speaking from the point of view of their researched person.  All the short videos were imported into iMovie for the finished project. 
How do you make a difference?
Did you learn something new from their video?
A story of a person’s life written by an individual with exceptional knowledge of the subject.

• Accurate history of a person’s life.
• Reflection of the time and place in which a person lived.
• Usually chronological.
• Carefully researched and authentic.
• Subject may be an historical or contemporary figure.

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