Saturday, March 8, 2014

Text Features QR Hunt

How can using text features help you locate facts and answer questions?
Bibliography      Bold Print      Bullets      Captions      Colored Words      Labeled Diagram      Fact Box      Footnote      Glossary      Graph      Heading      Illustration      Index      Italic Print      Map    Parentheses      Photograph      Pronunciation      Sidebar      Subheading      Table      Table of Contents      Time Line      Title
 Non-fiction text has special "signs" or features that help you make meaning of the text.
Grade 4 students this week went on a QR Hunt looking for text features.  Students worked collaboratively with a partner and first read the description of the text feature on a pirate themed card and then scanned the QR code to see an example of the text feature.  Using a clipboard and worksheet, students kept track of their answers.  When all 24 text features were discovered, students scanned the last QR code and checked their answers.

Quotes from students:
"Text features are right in your face to help you read."
"It was a lot of fun searching the library."
"They make the reading easier."
"Photographs are real pictures taken with a camera.  Illustrations are drawings."
"I think of my head when I think of heading and I think of my feet when I think of footnotes."

Students working together to discover the text feature.

Mrs. O'Leary watches as students scan the QR code to see an example of the text feature.

Can you tell what these text features are?
Read the description and then scan the QR code to see an example.



 What text feature is this?
 How does this text feature help you understand the text?


A special thank you to Mrs. Gilkison for the design of the QR Hunt Text Features.


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