Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Skype to Qatar

Sixth Grade Students visited Qatar.
Through a connection with 2 sixth graders from Proctor School, a family from the United States who are now living in Qatar spent time talking to us via Skype.  Lucy, the fifth grade daughter was very knowledgeable and made the visit engaging. 

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What languages do you speak?  Many people speak English
What is your typical day like?  School is Sunday through Thursday
What is the climate like?  It gets very hot but we have a short winter.
Have you ever seen or heard violence in Qatar?  It is a safe place to live.
What other countries have you been to? What is your favorite? We travel to a snowy place to ski in winter.
What is school like? I go to an international school.  How long is a school day?  Much like yours.
What do you do on the weekend or in your spare time?  I like to swim.
Would you recommend visiting Qatar?  Yes
What are your favorite foods?  We have all the same fast food places as the USA even McDonalds

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