Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mystery Skype

Where Are you?
A Mystery Skype
Written by Reporter Ainsley
"We are ready when you are," typed Mrs. Klipfel.  On March 25, 2014, Mrs. Mehlin's class had their first mystery skype.  The first 10 minutes were mostly region questions, but look!  We have just received a very important piece of information:  They are in the southeast region.  They just asked us if we are in the northeast region.
This just in!
The people that we are skyping are in... North Carolina!  But the other school is getting close too. 
What's this?
We have a hesitation on the other side.  The other class is so close.  We are getting closer.  They are on the ocean, but not on the outer banks.  It's a back and forth battle about who's going to find out who first.  Right now it could be any one's game.
Let's check on our question data:  They have figured out we are in Topsfield!
The battle of the questions is almost over.  Another question bites the dust.  Alert!  5 minutes to go.  The time ticks down and we are buzzing with anticipation.
We discovered the name of their county.  ( They gave us a hint: it has four syllables) New Hanover.
In their own words, the manager said we did well and so did everyone else.
Our class couldn't have done it without everyone's help."
Wilmintgon, North Carolina,-78.574219&spn=19.449432,43.286133&iwloc=A

Tweeting was going on as we skyped.

We were stumped when asked if white was the background color of our state flag.

Ainsley our Reporter.

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