Saturday, December 28, 2013

Time Liner App

TimeLine Explorer Project
Students in Mrs. Boucher's Class have begun studying explorers.  This project had students first researching explorers and then creating their own timeline using the app RWT Timeline.  I enjoyed watching the students manipulate history as they worked on this project. 
Sites used for research:
All About Explorers  Be careful on this link because you need to find the wrong information.
Timeline allows students to create a graphic of each event by displaying items sequentially along a timeline.
Each student needed to include the following:
  1. A picture of the explorer
  2. Birth Date
  3. Who did the explorer sail for and what did he discover
  4. Year of his greatest discovery
This app is FREE in the iTunes Store
Student Example of TimeLine Project
There is also a web version of this app on the Read Write Think web site.

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