Monday, December 2, 2013

Mrs. Boucher's Class Visited Indiana

Mrs. Boucher's Fifth Grade Class took a visit to Forest Ridge Academy in Indiana today via skype.  Each class shared a little about their schools and classes.  We learned that the boys and girls in Mrs. Osika's Class come from many, many zip codes.  While the students in Mrs. Boucher's Class only come from one zip code.  We also learned that Mrs. Osika's students get to spend a week at Space Camp at the end of the year.  We were a little jealous and anxiously look forward to hearing more about it. 
Each class will be posting and commenting on Kidblog as the year continues.  Please visit their blogs and leave a comment.  Be sure to tell us where you are from.
View Forest Ridge Academy in a larger map

Forest Ridge Academy
Proctor School

Students introduced each class.
Mrs. Boucher's students share the Happy Meal Project.
We talked about our Kidblog.
We can't wait to read each others' posts.

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