Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mystery Skype

Don't you just love a good mystery?
As a part of the fourth grade curriculum, the fourth grade has begun their study of the regions of the United States.  The kick off was sending the Teddy Bears around the world.  The bears are even sending some interesting posts to their Teddy Bear Blog.
All week Mrs. Murphy's Class has been preparing for their first Mystery Skype Visit.  On Wednesday we had a practice run to be sure everyone knew their job in anticipation of the big day.  On Friday, Mr. Willis' combined grades 3 and 4 class played Mystery Skype with us and we couldn't have had more fun.  We played by asking yes or no questions similar to 20 questions.  The students were well organized and asked thoughtful questions.  We guessed their state, Vermont, first but they guessed our town, Topsfield, first.  Cheers and applause were heard from both states. 
Mystery Skype is a very engaging way to learn geography.
Thank you Mr. Willis and Class!



The Questioners and Answerers are in front of the smartboard ready to respond. 
The Filterers take the questions and sort through them before they are passed on.
Runners sit ready to pick up the next question from the Think Tank Members.
Think Tank Members are researching.
Google Mappers are quick to find the answers and ask new questions on the iPads.


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