Thursday, October 17, 2013

Butterflies and Moths
For the past few weeks, the second grade has been studying butterflies and moths.  The classrooms had butterfly nets hanging from the ceiling and the students watched the life cycle right before their eyes. It is always a fun day when the newly hatched butterflies are set free.
The students in Mrs. Madden's class worked on comparing and contrasting butterflies and moths.  The students also spent time researching and writing the details in a venn diagram in order to complete a compare and contrast writing piece.

Click on the picture to test your knowledge of the life cycle of a butterfly.
Flash Player is necessary to view this site.
Click on the butterfly to color online.  Flash Player is necessary.
The students used the app educreations to share their new knowledge.
Sam and Trevor
Daniel and Noah
Matthew and Max
Joelle and Grace

Ashley and Louie
Charlie and Olivia
Ella and Grace
Anna and Sarah

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