Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bonjour to Our New Friends in Canada!

We took a trip to Winnepeg, Canada from the comfort of our own library.
Our skype visit today took us out of the United States across the border to Canada.  We traveled from Proctor School, Topsfield, MA USA to St. John's-Ravencourt School, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and met Mrs. Stoller's Fourth Grade Class.
Winnipeg, Manitoba is at the centre of Canada, just north of the American border.  Click on the map to go to google maps.

Click on St. John's -Ravencourt School for a visit.

  The boys and girls enjoyed this visit and learned some new facts about each other.  We learned how to say hello~ bonjour and goodbye~au revoir.  The students at St. John's-Ravencourt have French lessons for 30 minutes every day.
Brandon answered a question about the Global Read Aloud book Out of My Mind. 
"It is a powerful book, with strong feelings and is a very descriptive story."
Nick asked a question:  "If Melody could talk what would be her first words?"
Many answered, "I love you Mom!"
To our new friends, "Merci!"


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