Friday, March 8, 2013

Socrative App

Taking a Test can be Fun!
During the month of March the Third Grade students study the properties of matter.  As they were nearing the completion of this science unit I created an assessment using the app Socrative.  This app allows teachers to create a quiz online in socrative teacher.  This may be done on either an iPad or a computer.  The set up was very easy.
On the big day each student had an iPad and signed into the quiz with a code I gave them for this test.  It was a fun way to assess students and it was a fun way to take a test.  The program scores the multiple choice test as the students are working and the teacher receives an excel spread sheet with the results.  Everyone did a great job and had fun.
Click on the app to learn more about socrative.

The final part of the test was a written open response question.  It was fun seeing students work so hard.  One student used the experiment we did together as his open response answer.


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