Thursday, March 14, 2013


Come for a visit to Madame Kelleher's Wax Museum, Topsfield location.
Fourth Graders have been reading biographies and they decided to open their own Wax Museum. 
If you have ever visited a wax museum you know just how real the figures are.  When I visited Madame Tussard's Was Museum in New York City it took a while to adjust to the fact that the famous people really weren't alive because they certainly looked like they were ready to visit and chat with me.  It would have been thrilling to talk with all the presidents. 
Wasn't it nice of President Obama to let me sit at his desk?
Mrs. Kelleher (aka Madame Kelleher) had her students dress up as a famous person and they wrote a detailed account of that person's life.  On the day of the show the students were frozen in place, remember it was a wax museum.  Guests picked up a flashlight and entered the darkened library.  The wax figures became animated when the light was shining on them.  It was so much fun watching these boys and girls share the facts about their famous person.  Each student made eye contact and stayed in character for their entire speech and when done they became frozen once again.
Click on the link to enter Madame Kelleher's Wax Museum.
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Enjoy and come back often!

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