Saturday, March 16, 2013

QR Codes

 The Library and Technology are having a Seussabration!

We are saying Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss all month.
During library period the students created many beautiful decorations for the library to help set the stage for this event.  They created truffula trees, mobiles of Dr. Seuss-like animals, rhyming words of and ..op, and creative scenes on posters.  The library looks very seusstastic!

The Big Plan...
We asked each class to pair with another grade and join us in the library for a Dr. Seuss Scavenger QR Hunt.

Oh the Places They Go...
Posted around the library were 17 QR codes for the students to scan using the iPad QR reader.  We used the app Qrafter.  Working with a partner the students scanned the code which opened the link with the Dr. Seuss question.  Students hunted for the answers around the room in the form of books, posters, and charts.  The collaborative work was exciting to watch.  Excitement was high and the students were very focused!
There was even an answer QR code to scan when all the questions were solved.
Dr. Seuss would have had a lot of fun with this activity.

Try a few of the Dr. Seuss codes on your own iPad or phone.
**Tech tip: 
1. The QR codes were created in Google Drive as individual documents. 
2. Allow them to be shared with the link.
3. Take the link url and create a QR code in a free QR creator.   I used Kaywa.
4. Save each QR code as a word document.  Add a speech bubble for some fun.
5. Add a fun picture to go with your theme.
5. Post around the room.
6. Set the iPad QR reader to open on scan. (gear in the top right corner)
7. Watch the fun!

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